The Mayfair, Bed and breakfast in Weymouth

  1. We will agree with you beforehand, your proposed arrival time. It is important to avoid multiple arrivals at the same time. Please be patient if you have to wait. Our normal check in times are between 2pm and 6pm.
  2. Hand Sanitiser is provided near front door for your use, on entry and exit. Take care to apply Social distance of 2 metres and avoid passing on the stairs.
  3. Check in and Check out procedures will be kept to a minimum to reduce risk.
  4. Communal areas such as Breakfast Room and Guest Lounge will not be available at this time.
  5. Personal contact details are to be retained by us for use in case required for Track and Trace.
  6. We request that anyone with covid symptoms should not travel or enter the building. If you experience symptoms during your stay, you will need to return home and follow the guidelines. We may record your temperature on arrival.
  7. If you need to amend the booking before arrival, you should contact us as soon as possible.
  8. All touch points such as hand rails and door handles will be regularly sanitised.
  9. Breakfast baskets will be provided for each room around 8am. We will knock and leave it outside the door. We ask that when finished they are replaced outside the door, so that we can collect them around 9.30am. (Care should be taken to avoid trip hazard.)
  10. Antibacterial hand wash is provided in each room and this should be used regularly to avoid infection.
  11. These measures are taken to provide additional safety for our guests.